RFExpert is based on the experience of over 30 years of a group of technicians who have always worked in the design of radio-frequency parts for the radio and television broadcasting sector, also spanning different fields such as scientific and military.

The leading products of RFExpert production are both analogue and digital transmitters, developed according to a focus on simplicity of installation and maintenance. A management system allows complete control and verification both by a local operator and by a remote location. The components used are of the latest generation with advantages in terms of performance and efficiency with a significant impact on the reduction of consumption. RF Expert is your ideal partner for scientific and military applications.

The high MTBF that is imposed in the design phase minimizes the extraordinary maintenance interventions. One of the fundamental parameters to keep the MTBF value high is the junction temperature of the power components that is kept low thanks to the high efficiency of the air cooling or even liquid systems for high power equipment.

.RFExpert in addition to the supply of the apparatus can also take on the activities related to the installations including the related certified project and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Particular attention should also be paid to products that RFExpert supplies in OEMs, ranging from single amplification stages to split and combination groups for the various frequency bands.

RFExpert has also expanded into the power passive sector including cavity filters and combination systems for VHF, FM and UHF applications for powers ranging from a few tens of watts up to 20 kW.

Since the beginning of 2018 RFExpert has taken over the Telor brand, a historic brand in the broadcast sector.